Developing people - people matter

As a company we operate our own management and performance framework so we can track our work consistently, spotting trends and moving quickly to anticipate them.

Performance for us is not just about continuous improvement in service and in systems but, especially in people and the teams.  

Measuring Success

Developing people - people matter

The best systems are only as good as the people overseeing them. We work with our staff and the clients’ nursing and care teams to develop their knowledge, skills and ideas so we can improve all our performance as an integrated team and company at all times. We have an ongoing staff development programme that provides access to training and courses for all our employees - something that benefits all of us and the residents.     

Taking a fresh look beyond the kitchen

Our innovation in CCMS extends beyond the kitchen to our financial control systems.

We operate an open book system, which tells our clients exactly how things stand. In fact, we will even let you see our supplier agreements. The software we use is state-of-the-art, allowing us to give our clients a complete overview of everything we do so you are always in control of your business.    

We don't like food additives

Unlike many other caterers we do not work on supplier or retro discounts, which are often negotiated behind the scenes and not passed on to the clients. Instead we believe in buying our products net of cost and allowing our clients to have a complete overview of everything that we do.  

We hope you will find this approach as refreshing as our food.

Offering great value & service

As business people we understand the importance of not just offering great food and service, but also real and quantifiable value for money that can be seen on a spreadsheet and experienced and tasted in any of our client restaurants.

All the right ingredients

Our approach to all clients is based on having an honest working relationship that will develop as the client’s business grows. We are exactly the same with our own suppliers, treating them as valued partners who work with us in our quest for excellence in food and service. Working with selected local suppliers means we can offer improved supply, increased flexibility, and reduced costs, as well as great tasting food made from the freshest tastiest ingredients.

Saving money & the environment

Effective cost control is essential in running and developing a successful business. Nowhere is this truer than in catering in a nursing home or care home. We apply the principle to everything we do.

It’s why we are committed to energy efficiency; it’s good for business and the right thing to do. We work to reduce energy and water consumption in our client kitchens, and recycle everything possible, sourcing products that have been produced and package in an environmentally-friendly way and always avoiding unnecessary food waste.

We hate waste and love savings