Let’s hear it for good food!

Producing great foods is one thing, but you have to communicate this to residents, their relatives and friends. Fortunately, we have our own marketing team headed by Jackie Pousson – looking at everything from ever-changing 4 weekly menus and special events calendars. We value residents’ positive comments and work hard to earn and keep this through the quality of our food and service, backed up with working closely with the nursing and care teams.

Fresh cooked menus and special diets

The CCMS brand allows the clients' in-house catering team to prepare excellent  fresh food on all our clients’ premises using the best of fresh Scottish ingredients.

We are definitely not a frozen or regenerated foodservice.

The well-being and nutrition of your residents are at the centre of CCMS food service and by using our innovation and our expert chefs, we have worked hard to improve food standards and provide a variety of healthy options across all our menus in all of our clients’ establishments.  Our nutritionists, headed by Lisa Holmes, use the latest technology to analyse menus ensuring they meet the specific requirements of all our care home residents’ needs and Scottish legislation.

Our philosophy is that every resident is an individual, whose particular needs must be properly understood and planned for. As their lives change in care we monitor and respond positively to their requirements. Because we understand the demanding detail of meeting the health & social care requirements, we take great care to design menus that suit residents and their diverse nutritional needs.

We bring every bit of innovation we possess to make the dining service an imaginative, enjoyable and health giving experience. We harness expertise and resources within our organisation to create menus and service approaches that give excellent choice and standards of care and value. We inspire our Chefs to design restaurant style menus that demonstrate flair, as well as being appetising and nutritious. Most importantly, we are aware of the increasing dependency of our client group, and aim to provide suitable diets for specialist requirements analysed by our qualified dieticians.

We offer choice of easily digestible foods that appeal to your resident group - each resident has a food profile which is compiled by the chef and nutritionist in conjunction with the nursing and care staff that ensures that any special considerations are correctly catered for such as textured diets.

We aim to make mealtimes special for our nursing home and care home residents with monthly themed menu events.