Part of our care and nursing home staff development programme is the nutrition e learning and Lisa has checked this again the NHS e learning options and in her view this is all very limited and does not cover all the areas in our e learning programme, its limited in content and only covers very small amounts of information relating to care in nursing homes. Within our programme we have focused on malnutrition and its complications and effects, assessment and identification of solutions, case study to show practical application along with texture modification and food fortification.  Record keeping and care planning have also significant sections which we feel is extremely important and currently limited in the general care and nursing home environment processes and the NHS has none of this information in their programme. However, they do cover nutrients but doesn’t cover how care and nursing staff action this area in practice and to how to meet the needs of the residents and the care inspectorate and how to meet the government nutritional guidelines. We have ensured that with our menu planning process and nutrition analysis of each dish and the balance of the menu that these individual nutrients don’t need to be a concern of our clients staff as they can be assured that all the nutritional needs of the residents have been met with the variety available on the seasonal menu.