The companies within Cedar Revive are 100% committed to paying the Living Wage and ensuring the catering staff are fairly rewarded for the excellent work they do in the unique environment when working in the sheltered housing,  care and nursing home sector.


Our team are caterers with a background in the hospitality sector, we have a unique understanding and awareness of the issues clients and companies have in the care sector of implementing the Living Wage which we agree should be paid to all employees.


The additional pressure for clients and companies is ensuring the differential in pay rates are maintained and this is when difficulties could arise for the sector.  


As Alex Ferguson has said “what is Impossible can be possible”, and through leadership and planning what is thought as can’t be done can be done to ensure it doesn’t affect business?


Margins need to maintain; costs have to be controlled – even more vigorously in the years to come as the most important but expensive resource in the business continues get more expensive.


Cedar Revive companies are focused on developing tools and helping our clients and companies achieve cost control in these difficult economic times.


Alan Aitken