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Our experience tells us that the success of the catering service in any nursing and care home depends wholly on regular, effective communication and involvement.


Engaging with our clients, residents - and residents’ relatives and friends

CCMS seeks residents’ views, asks their opinions and welcomes feedback both in a structured, formal way and informally on a regular basis. This enables us to meet each individual’s dietary requirements - with their own menus if necessary. Our sites benefit from bespoke menus tailored specifically to those residents needs. We do not use a ‘one model fits all approach’ and communication is essential in identifying a working model for each site.

Informally, regular friendly conversation is our best tool in ensuring that residents’ expectations are met. Our service team will speak to each resident every day to ensure that they have enjoyed their meal. To complement this informal approach, we also have a structured programme of events designed to maximise resident participation:

Resident Food Meetings

We conduct food profiles with every resident as they move into the scheme and every six months thereafter. Conducted as a friendly discussion over a cup of tea or coffee with a relative or member of the care team if appropriate, these meetings give each resident the invaluable opportunity to talk about their likes, dislikes, dietary requirements and preferences directly with their Chef Manager. To ensure changing preferences and dietary requirements are constantly reviewed, our Chef Managers are tasked as part of their personal KPIs to update the food profiles every month.

We find that our food profile meetings are ideal, particularly when held with a member of the care team or a relative, for dealing with those residents who can feel vulnerable or that simply don’t ‘like to cause a fuss.’

Quarterly Resident Meetings

Our Chef Managers and Operations Support Managers host resident meetings purely to discuss likes and dislikes, recent successes and areas for development. All residents are invited and welcomed to these meetings. We fully recognise that these meetings need to be carefully conducted in conjunction with our clients and care professionals.

Menus are regularly refreshed each quarter and these meetings provide an excellent forum for direct resident involvement in menu content. We give them the opportunity to suggest dishes they would like to see included, we present proposed menus and take feedback before finalising.

Monthly Chef Manager Meetings

Whilst the Chef Manager will meet informally daily at our clients “ flash meetings”, our experience shows that a structured meeting once a month at which a predetermined agenda is followed is absolutely key to the successful development of the service. The minutes from these meetings also provide an excellent overview of progress to client and CCMS senior management teams. Invited to the meetings would be the Care Manager, along with a representative from the residents ensuring the residents have an opportunity to contribute and voice opinion on all aspects of the catering service provided on a regular basis.

Customer Comments Book

We ensure that as much feedback is gained from each resident as possible. Displayed at all times in each restaurant is a customer comments book. Available to all residents, our comments books are formatted to provide space for the Residents’ comments and also a personal response from our Chef Manager - who will respond to each and every comment made. We find that the Comments Book is also an ideal tool for residents and relatives to make suggestions for dishes they would like to see included on the menu and other service ideas.

Customer Survey

We conduct regular customer surveys and provide a bespoke report detailing the results. We present the results to the residents during a residents meeting to discuss actions and developments proposed. Additional surveys will be carried out, in conjunction with our clients, should it be mutually beneficial for feedback to be gained on bespoke issues.