Why choose CCMS?

Our specialist teams have transformed and are transforming food service in Nursing and Care Homes in Scotland. 

We are passionate about the business of nursing, care and retirement homes and well-being, ensuring that retirement home residents are respected, treated with dignity, well fed, well cared for, valued and safe at all times. We make food a daily pleasure for residents while at the same time removing management headaches for clients, helping them with regulation and contributing to their commercial strength.

As part of CedarScotland, CCMS offers the peace of mind, strategic partnerships, professionalism and security that comes from working within a bespoke local specialist organisation. CCMS has become one of the leading catering specialist providers of catering and support services to nursing homes and care homes in Scotland. This is one of our most important specialist businesses in catering, operating in a field where expertise, ethically–led solutions and strong resources must be combined for customers who deserve the greatest attention.

We understand fully the need to be provided with dignified and a professional led catering service while working within the team of professionals employed within a nursing home and care home to deliver the best quality service to the residents. Our locally based teams in Scotland are dedicated to providing excellent food that contributes to the health and wellbeing of residents. Our senior managers fully understand the unique challenges faced by our clients. In nursing homes and care homes, we provide a total resident, staff and visitors catering service, designed to offer quality, convenience and value through a combination of excellent tailor-made menus and service offers. Our own nutritionist and dietician team, headed by Lisa Holmes, works very closely with our Executive Chef Steven Ward and our chef managers and the clients’ care and nursing teams to ensure the menus are compliant with each individual resident’s care plan. 


Our model is based on operating from bottom up, whereby we start with the initial introduction meeting were the owners and managers of the business have the opportunity to explain about your business and then we explain what we can delivery to support the in-house catering teams. 


Consultancy Audit

This is then confirmed through our free audits which highlights – 
  • What you’re currently doing well, 
  • Which areas need addressing and 
  • Where we think we could help improve the service. 
Following the audit we would then produce the Catering Services Toolkit that contains the catering service offer for individual client’s requirements. 
  • Initial Introduction Meetings
  • Audits
  • Catering Services Management Toolkit
The catering management system – allows us to develop both the catering and the care teams so they are working together in delivering the catering service through having a far greater understanding of nutrition and the various needs of residents within their individual care plans in delivering a professional catering service for all residents. 

A significant added value is that resident’s families and friends feel confident that their love ones are being looked after and there food is being served in a professional and caring manor whereby the social aspects of dining in the nursing and care home are respected and encouraged.